As you probably know, Debbie has been after me to get a website started. I’ve been hesitant to do so, but only because I wanted to have some idea of what I was doing before getting started with it. Yes, I worked in IT and computer education for the last 40 years, but none of that was developing websites.

After a little research and a couple of recommendations, I went with WordPress. I don’t want to sound like I regret that decision, but let’s just say that the signup and setup process didn’t go as smoothly as I think it should have. I will fess up some responsibility – I’m not a blogger and I’m not a blog follower, and the default site is built around blogging.

I don’t plan on becoming an avid blogger, but maybe a few posts from time to time about our trips will add to the site. For now though, I’m trying to figure out the rest of it so that I can add the basic info, trip schedule, and things like that.


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