Our Oktoberfest Trip

Our Oktoberfest trip was yesterday, and I think it’s fair to say that it was another great trip! The Harry Chapin Food Bank was once again our nonprofit-for-the-day, and I’m pleased to report that we raised $127.50 for them. As Debbie likes to say, that’s not bad for a day on the bus! Add that to the $126 that we raised last month and it definitely adds up to a nice chunk of change.

For those of you that weren’t with us the middle of the casino was a mess as they are installing new carpet. The new carpet looks nice, and there’s some additional padding too. I was able to get to two of my favorite machines, but another one of my favorites was sitting there, with the screen turned on, just inside of one of the roped off areas, calling my name all day long! Oh well, maybe next time…

We do have one piece of sad news to pass along. Joanne Chapman was supposed to join us yesterday, but she passed away on Tuesday. We’ll miss having her on our trips, and our condolences to her family and friends.

Our next trip is Wednesday November 15. The theme is Gobble-Gobble. Debbie’s already got 15 or 20 names on her list, so if you want to go you’d better contact her soon (239-247-0869). Don’t tell anyone, but Debbie will be on the birthday list for our November trip.

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