Fun Casino Trips – On The Road Again!

Good news, we’re finally running our trips again! We’re getting back to our regular schedule, the second Wednesday of each month. Give us a call (239-247-0869) if you’re interested in going.

As you probably know Calder has reopened. You have to wear a mask and they check your temperature on the way in. Several of the machines are turned off to allow for social distancing between players. They also installed clear plastic barriers between some machines.

They clean the machines fairly often, but we take along our own cleaner to wipe off the buttons when we sit down to play. Lucky’s is open with a limited menu, but the buffet is closed, the self-serve drink fountains are closed too. You can get free soft drinks at the bar, but you have to drink them in the restaurant area.

No BINGO at the casino, or maybe make that no BINGO yet. They are doing a few BINGO sessions in early April by invitation only based on card tier. This will be their first step back into the BINGO waters, and hopefully it’s just a matter of time before the rest of us can play too.

Masks are required on the bus, and we’ll be doing temperature checks before you board. We’ll also have more “subdued” activities on the bus. It will still be fun, but probably a little quieter that you’re used to.