Current Schedule

Upcoming trips:
As you can imagine, we’re not sure when we’ll be taking another trip to Calder. Before we can go again three things need to happen – (1) the casino has to reopen, (2) the bus company has to be running, and (3) we need to have enough people to go. Those three things are, of course, contingent upon the COVID-19 pandemic reaching the point where all those things can happen.
We’ve cancelled the April 8th trip, and we’re not holding our breath either…
As soon as we know that we can be running again we’ll be contacting our regulars and everyone else that’s signed up for a trip.
If you’ve paid for a trip don’t worry, we’ll carry your money forward to when we are running again. In case you’re wondering, given today’s lack of interest rates we’re definitely not getting rich sitting on your $39! If you’d rather have a refund let us know, we just picked up an extra book of stamps.
We know, there’s a lot more important things going on right now than going to the casino. But if you’re like us you’re going to be ready for a day of fun when we can finally get out there again!

Wednesday April 8  Happy Easter, FCT 3rd Anniversary
Wednesday May 13 May Flowers Brought By April Showers
Wednesday June 10 Going to the Farm
Wednesday July 8 TBD

For reservations or information give us a call at 239-247-0869